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Shaping boules by rolling?

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Shaping boules by rolling?

I'm working with around 75% hydration dough and I'm getting better at it, but I'm having trouble with generating enough surface tension on my boules. 

I'm interested in learning how to shape boules by "rolling" them, as seen in this video:

I'm having some trouble getting it right, though. Does anyone have any tips / better videos? 

Specifically, it seems like my hands stick very easily to the wet dough, so that when I'm done rolling it, the dough comes with my hands, ruining the nice structure. Am I supposed to keep my hands wet or floured during the rolling? 

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hands works for me.  Check out King Arthur videos on You Tube.  Or anything by Ciril Hintz.  Practice makes a nice boule.

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I prefer damp (and not wet) hands. If the hands are too wet, too much water is transferred to the dough.

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Do you include a bench rest?  I generally find that a bench rest not only relaxes the dough (necessary for extensibility), but also creates a bit dryer dough surface that is easier to work with during final shaping.  If your hands are getting sticky, rub them across some of the loose flour sitting on the bench (or whatever surface you have the dough on as you shape).  It does not take much flour to greatly reduce stickiness.  And as Lera noted, practice is important.