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A Greenbaker Apology

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A Greenbaker Apology

Hi everyone.  This is a main forum apology for a BIG misunderstanding.  I have seen forums spin absurdly out of control over the most childish things.  Here at The Fresh Loaf I think all of us have found a haven/outlet for our desire to bake artisinal style bread and other general bread products.  It was in this spirit that I post several comments to several people inside the forum to aid in their baking and to learn more myself.

Well, all of this was derailed right before Christmas on a forum post that I posted a reply to.

On this post Greenbaker did a fabulous job on a stollen that I was enjoying reading.  Then Greenbaker used the word "yummo" as a description of his/her bread.  I made a JOKE that I was enjoying his/her bread until he/she referenced the word "yummo" and it made me vommit a little.  I was of course referencing Rachel Ray's constant use of this phrase on the Food Network.  This started to spin out of control when Holds99 suggested that I should "learn some manners and stop being so rude".  At first I didn't think anything of this until Greenbaker thanked Holds99 for "sticking up for me".  It was then that I knew there was a problem that needed to be addressed.

So here it is as hopefully clear as possible:


I am truly sorry you misinterpreted my comment.  It was ignorant on my part to make a joke at Rachel Ray's expense on your baking blog.  In the future I will keep all personal opinions that can be misconstrued as a personal attack on someone else to myself.  I am personally a BIG fan of yours and would never have guessed that such a comment would be taken as personally as it has been.  My sincere apologies.





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lol.  As I have said (and thanks for the link as I didnt see this post) it was all a gigantic misunderstanding.

Also, asI said in my reply to to you, the net has no frame of reference, no tone of voice and conversations/discussions are often stilted over a day or more and can so easily be misconstrewed.

You explained and apologised and I I was fine :)

I understand the whole "misinterpreting comments" thing. It happens too often. 

Thanks for explaining, and I hope that our comunications in the future do not reflect this whole palava!



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There's something special about someone who apologizes for something he/she said.  You may think that you did absolutely nothing wrong and thus that there's no reason to apologize, but when you put yourself in the other person's shoes you realize that it may have been taken badly.  I wasn't aware of the postings in question, nor was I involved in any way, but thank you, TableBread.


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TableBread, I don't know Rachael Ray either so the remark was a surprise to me, but particularly because your posts have always seemed friendly, informative and light-hearted.

Boy, do I understand how jokes can backfire on the 'net. 

You and Greenbaker have both been very gracious. Happy New Year! 

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Thanks to all for handling this so well. As a fan of the ever perky Rachel Ray, I just had to add that I understood the reference to YUMMO. It's a phrase she uses over and over and over and... well, you get the picture.