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I need immediate HELP

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I need immediate HELP

I hope someone online right now can give me immediate help!  I'm in the middle of a crazy bake it all day.  This isn't a bread recipe but I see that all you bakers bake everything!  I'm making a fruitcake recipe and it called for 1 can of frozen orange juice, thawed.  What I didn't notice was the 6oz in brackets!  I used one can (355ml) so I have a very wet dough, full of wonderful fruit that I chopped and nuts that I ground.  Can it be saved?  What do I do?


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Add a bunch more fruit? Spoon out some of the liquids? Add some flour to thicken it up?

It should be salvageable, but I don't know enough about fruitcakes to give you exact steps.

Good luck!

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Thanks Floydm for your quick reply!  I appreciate it.  I'll try adding more fruit and more flour  I can't really spoon out liquid, since it's all mixed together.  Then I'll bake it and see what happens.  I hope it turns out because the fruit and nuts are costly and its for gifts...

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I'd just add some more flour.


Thats should be fine :)



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I would just see it as an opportunity (excuse?) to make more.  Sounds like you are on the right track! 

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Many thanks for all the comments!  The fruitcake is out of the oven and it turned out just fine! I followed the suggestions and added more fruit, nuts and a little more flour.  Now I'm hoping my WW bread from Bread Baker's Apprentice turns out as well!


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Does the fruitcake recipe call for rum? Whiskey? 

If so, add flour to your dough and add an extra measure of liquor to the baker. All will be well.