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Pregnant loaf

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Robalo Bill

Pregnant loaf

Why is my bread pregnant?

3 cups white King Arthur bread flour
1/2 cup rye flour
1tsp salt
1tsp dry yeast
1 tbsp honey
1.5 cups water

3 hours proof then form loaves, proof for 30 min in rattan basket
bake preheated oven 450degrees for 20 minutes





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Mini Oven

Most likely premature drying of crust before oven spring and uneven deflation of dough gasses before shaping.

Humidity?  Cover?  Altitude?  Steam?  Ambient and dough temperature?   

How many other loaves in the batch looked the same?  Is this a scored or a twisted shape?

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Lazy Loafer

It looks like it still had lots of 'push' when you put it in the oven. Maybe let it rise for a bit longer (even an hour) before you bake it. How is it inside? Twenty minutes seems a short bake.

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Le the dough rise 90% before baling 

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Robalo Bill

Baked with 2 pans of water for steam. Definitely done crumb is good. Just explodes out of the scores, especially in the middle. Will try longer 2nd 90%. Cut down the proof time because the larger loaf was unmangeble, would deform on transfer and scoring also deformed and dragged the crust.