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Giusto's Specialty Foods

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Giusto's Specialty Foods

Hello out there!,

I'm curious as to what has happened to Giusto's Specialty Foods. I've been a fan of this company for many years and have recommended them to countless bakers and chefs some of who are frequently on Food Network and The Cooking Channel. Rumors abound that the company has sold out which most likely explains the recent decline in quality combined with increase of price of their flours/grains. It seems that some Non-Food people have taken over with little or no regard to customer service, quality or integrity and are cutting corners to earn a buck. 

Are any Giusto's still involved with this company??? Anybody who knows something please let me know. I'm also looking for a reliable source for Artisan Flours and Grains, any recommendations????

Thank You-

SF Old School Baker


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I also seem to recall reading that the Guisto family is no longer involved with Guisto Specialty Foods.  Keith Guisto (somehow related to the original Guisto family) Baking Supply in Petaluma sells Central Milling flours in a retail shop opened on the premises last year. You can get all types of flours in 50 lb. bags, and they package most of them now in 5 lb. packages for home bakers. I typically go a couple of times each year and the quality is excellent.


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I second the recommendation of Kieth Giusto Baking Supply in Petaluma. I also understand that Giusto's in S.F. Has been sold. Keith Giusto is the son(?) or grandson(?) of the Giusto's patriarch, he went out on his own when the older generation started to cut corners. I've been getting nearly all my flour from KGBS for over a year, reliable and good to deal with. Most of the artisan bakers in the Bay Area use them and most of their flours are available in 5# bags as well. Pretty good retail area with baking tools and goodies as well if you're in range to go there.

On a related note, Costco until recently carried Central Milling organic all purpose flour but no longer does, they now have an "organic" AP flour but from a mega corporation, I told them I wasn't interested in any flour that had something to do with Con Agra. So now I'll be getting 25# bags of Organic Artisan Baker's Craft from KGBS as well. Fortunately my wife works around the corner but we'll have to see if she'll be willing to haul the 25# bag too. 



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Anyone interested in SF to start a mini co-op buying central milling flour in bulk?

Once every few months we agree on the flour we want, purchase in 50 pund bags and split? happy to help organise if people are interested.