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Hello from Alaska

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Hello from Alaska

I am so glad I found this website!  What a great resource, I hope to learn a lot.

My name is Amy and I live in the great state of Alaska.  We have about 4 inches of snow already and I am getting lots of exercise shoveling the driveway, making snowman and sledding with my two kids. (ages 5 and 7)

I am still new to baking bread. ~I am not counting the years of bread machine abuse, LOL. When I was home last year at Christmas (home is in Oklahoma for us) my mother-in-law taught me to make the REQUIRED dinner rolls for every family holiday.  

They say the recipe goes back 3- 4 generations, possibly 100 years.  I guess it's a sweet roll recipe? as I use the same recipe for cloverleaf rolls as I do for cinnamon rolls.  My hubby was very doubtful that I could do them justice but he has now eaten his words (and many dozens of rolls, LOL) I even won a blue ribbon at the state fair.  That feels great, but I am ready to try new things. : )

 I am going to try the Firm Sourdough Starter - Glezer recipe that was posted (Alaska has a great sourdough history) but till it gets going I am going to try my hand at cheddar onion fantan rolls I think. 

Thanks and looking forward to baking lots of bread!







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Mini Oven

Have a good look around, there's lots of info here and all kinds of doughs rising! 

Mini O