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Anyone up for a visual critique? Sourdough !!!!

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Anyone up for a visual critique? Sourdough !!!!

Anyone up for a visual critique? Thanks in advance!

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Did it taste OK?


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Lazy Loafer

As Gordon says, how did it taste? And any notes on the method (cool or warm bulk ferment; long or short proof, etc.)? Anything you didn't like that you'd want to change?

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Looks a little pale to me.  Could use some browning.

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I agree. Bake some more. The taste is great, but I agree.

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The crumb looks absolutely wonderful, well-alveolated and light. However, I'd say that the crust is a little bit pale. If you're baking in a dutch over, then let it bake with the cover off a little longer. Otherwise, put it into the oven at a higher initial temperature.

Bravo !

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That said, keep in mind that how successful a bake was depends on what you were aiming to produce. As a simple example, if you wanted the crust color you got, it's not important that others prefer darker loaves. 

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crumb, if it has some yeast in it then it is is a good crumb.  In either case, I would say it is a tad over proofed since the bloom isn't as big as it could be.  Maybe not enough stream or baked at too low a temperature to really get some explosive spring and bloom?.  It has some blisters that point to a white bread but they could be bigger and more numerous if it was retarded and baked cold - so I'm guessing the dough was close to room temperature when it hit the heat.  I too prefer a darker bake to caramelize the crust and really bring out its flavor.  It has an unusual slash that doesn't do it justice and makes things more difficult to judge.  For a new baker, it shows great promise and is an excellent effort.  It has an unusual shape like it might have stuck to the basket a bit when un-molding so I'm guessing it was a higher % hydration at room temperature when un-molded and that rice flour was not used exclusively to keep it from sticking.  I like the shape since it looks hand made and individual.

I give it an 8 out of 10 if all SD and a 7 out of 10 if a bit of yeast was in the  bread.  Well done either way and 

Happy baking 

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I too tend to bake my bread lighter than is currently fashionable.I say keep doing what you're going. 

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Truth Serum

Keep up the good work!

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Lovely loaf.  I like the tiny blisters visible on the crust.. although, I know some professionals who frown on blisters on the crust.  Often the blisters come from water sprayed on the top either prior to baking or when first placed in the oven.  In any case, I prefer the little blisters.  Some of my guests at the table like a lighter crust, some like the dark crust, some prefer the shiny crust that is sometimes seen on the old fashioned rye of my youth... isn't it nice we all don't like the same things. GO BOY GO!!! GREAT JOB! Thanks for sharing.

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Nice job :)

May I ask which flour are you using?