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How do you store your bread?

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How do you store your bread?

If I finish baking just before I go to bed, I have to store the bread safely BUT I can't put it in a plastic bag because it will get soggy. One evening I had an inspiration: I stored the loaf in my rice cooker. The lid isn't airtight, but it's tight enough to keep those devilish cockroaches. Everyone in Hawai'i, no matter how clean, struggles with cockroaches.

Since then, I've been using the rice cooker more and more. It's easier and quicker than a plastic bag. However, this isn't the best solution as I also cook rice.

So perhaps I should get a bread box. I don't have counter space for one, but perhaps I could put it on my kitchen table.  Do you folks use bread boxes? What kind is the best?

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Mini Oven

Try a large plastic cake carrier on the counter top. A bowl of rice, changed often, might also help inside the container but I find I end up freezing sliced bread and rewarming it in the toaster (that also was kept inside a clean sealed bag).

Mini O


Glad you found something, I had erased the link thinking it wasn't quite the answer you were looking for.  I've had to fight rats as well as cockroaches. 

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Thank you for the link to the older thread. Inside that thread was a link to THIS article, which I found helpful:

Those conclusions are based on systematic research. Looks like twill bag (possibly stored in bread box, for appearance sake) is the best choice.

I was going to say that none of my bread goes stale sitting out at room temperature, but then I realized that none of it lasts more than two days before it's all eaten.

My new roommate, a Korean graduate student, is eating homemade bread for the first time. He loves it. He wants to know if all American households bake their own bread. 'Fraid not!


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I use a vacuum bread box.  I find it keeps the bread fresh longer than storing in a bag on the counter.



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I don't know if this would work for bread, but when I need to keep food out, I find the microwave is generally a good place to protect it from my cats.  It's high up (over-the-stove) and closeable.  For that matter, the regular oven might work too.