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Accessing TFL on an iPhone

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Janet Yang

Accessing TFL on an iPhone

When I try to access this website on my iPhone, a short message in a huge pop-up window appears: 

Please upgrade your version of Flash to 10 or above.

(I don't have any version of Flash, as it is not compatible with iPhone.) The window obscures everything else, and I haven't found a way to close it (no Ⓧ button).

How do I get rid of this pop-up?


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AbeNW11 (not verified)

Where you don't have to have flash installed. Look for one that is compatible with iPhone and there are a few apps as well. 

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There is already a thread discussing this issue in the "off topic" section here:

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As I said on the other thread, I am traveling in Europe and have limited internet capabilities right now. Though I found a family member with an iPhone and surfed TFL for half an hour on it, I haven't been able to trigger this issue, which may mean it is a geo-targeted ad causing the problem. So I am a bit stuck, but happy to help if anyone can provide additional information that will help me track it down.  Maybe a screen snap? Is there a link to click through and, if so, can you tell where it takes you? Obviously do *not* install anything potentially malicious, but if anyone has a clues, please share them. And I promise to investigate further when I am back in North America with full computing power later this week.

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Disable Javascript on your iPhone and most likely this problem and many others like it won't happen.  This will affect how some websites appear and function as Javascript is used by many sites to make buttons work, but it is by far much safer to surf without Javascript.  You can always turn it back on to use a specific website (like online banking etc).


Go to Settings - Safari - Javascript and change to Off.