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Date, Orange and Walnut

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Date, Orange and Walnut

Been wanting to make this for a while total hydration was around 81%

220g BF

180 Rye

80g rye starter (65%)

310g water

20g fresh orangejuice

20g walnuts

15 dates

9g salt

Autolysed in fridee overnight adding 280g of the  water to flour

soaked dates in orange juice +zest at room temp overnight

Next day added rest of ingredients and kneaded for around 15 min slow on machine

Around 6 or 7 S & F every half hour or so.

Shaped for final proof . took about an hour

Baked in preheated dutch oven 250c turning down to 200c after 5 minutes around 40 min

Last 10 minutes without lid 180c

Those walnuts really are divine with Rye. Thank you Mini Oven

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Yummy, that is the kind of bread I love.

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Your bread is gorgeous, Ghazi, and it must taste great. Thanks for sharing your formula!

Must make this...and I just bought dates, so the timing is perfect!


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inside and out.  If it doesn't taste just as good as it looks then MO isn't a reincarnated Rye god:-)  I too freaked out when I found out from MO 100 % whole grain rye with Walnuts and then baked it,  Nothing like walnuts in just about anything I guess.  Walnuts are baking big today :-) Well Done adn

Happy Baking

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Thank you all. Yes it tasted REALLY good subtle with a hint of sweet and overall just very smooth and tender

I seem to be going down the line with a little orange (maybe grapefruit if they look good) with spelt and rye. I don't know what it is but seems to suit them well. This after hearing good feeback from TFL. So much help from here don't know where id be with just my books

Such a special nut that walnut, kicks up to next level . Only MO of course setting the trend I think im almost converted to rye, but I still am in love with spelt that is if I can get it to behave. No more autolyse for spelt now and I hope I can get a loaf down me