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What went wrong, please

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What went wrong, please

I'm still quite new at sourdough baking but tried my hand at an Eastern European Black bread, which I baked in a Pullman pan. I don't know how well you can see the surface of the loaf, but it is decidedly hollow. I followed the directions precisely.


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You'll have to let it rest wrapped in linen for 24 hours before you cut it to it or it will certainly be gummy.  These Rye Breads require a long rest after baking to set the crumb.  



after following comments I looked closer (the upside down is throwing me off) and I see the depression.  I'll agree with them "overproofed".  


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To me, that's a sign of overpoofing. Often rye that is overproofed- which will happen often - will result in that type of crumb.

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AbeNW11 (not verified)

Looks like it's over proofed and started to fall.

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Rye ferments at lightening speed with final proof. A good idea if you have time is put in fridge for final bring out more flavor. Best to put in sooner than later if at room temp. It is a very tough one though, wanting to proof just bit more then you've had it. All part of the buzz of baking