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scaling of recipes

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scaling of recipes

hey everyone,

quick question here.  is scaling a recipe just a matter of percentages if you keep the measurements in weights?

example: if i have a recipe for 3 loafs of bread can.  can i scale up to a 100 loaf recipe so long as i use the same percentage ratio from the 3 loaf recipe.

any an all information would be greatly appreciated as i want to be as knowledgeable in this area as possible.  don't hesitate to post any other forum threads or websites with descriptive entries as i can also do my own research.

Thanks everyone

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I often scale up and down this way - just check that the hydration remains the same.


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I have an * Sourdough * app on my iPhone, makes it all very easy, scaling, Bakers percentage...

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Ah, it's me pushing the (Bread Baker's Guild of America) standards. Go to the website and in the public area you will find articles that show you the correct way using Baker's Math. Accept no substitutes as this will allow you not only to scale formulas up and down, but understand enough about the structure of a formula to write your own.

Works for bread, cakes, confections...everything.

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I use bakers' math for scaling formulas and for developing new formulas for ice cream. Mmm, ice cream.