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Nice video: Bread and Butter

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Nice video: Bread and Butter

"I aspire to be a sushi master of the bread & butter world. The 'Jiro Dreams of Sushi' of bread and butter."

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Nice! Thanks for posting. Making my own cultured butter is still on my list of things to do...

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Nice video.  Looks like a stellar with a chef who loves what he is creating.

Michael:  Cultured butter is simple to make.  I made some a couple of winters ago.  Inoculation of the cream just takes overnight  and whipping the cream into butter until it separates out can be done in a home mixer - I used my Bosch compact. Rinsing can get messy. Remaining water is pressed out which is a bit more physically demanding but I found it all to be a bare basics simple process really requiring no special equipment.  A simple yet elegant gift to give to someone.  A perfect complement for one of your great panettone loaves.  :*)


mwilson's picture

Hi Janet.

Thanks for the encouragement and highlighting the simplicity. I am aware of the process, I'm just slow to try new things, perhaps because I like to master them. I will try it at some stage though - promise. I also was thinking about using it for panettone.


Janetcook's picture

I TOTALLY understand :*)

If you do try it and add it to your panettone I would love to know if you can discern any difference.  I know I gave the butter I cultured to people to put ON bread assuming that the unique flavor and consistency would be lost in a loaf.


BetsyMePoocho's picture


Great post showing good stuff.  Talent is obvious! 

Yum, I love eating good stuff.  Even pork, chicken, beef, cheese, milk, gluten, veggies, pasta, sweets, ice-cream, snails, fish, dumplings, stuff cooked in lard, stuff steamed, stuff boiled, stuff cooked with charcoal, I guess I just like to eat…. Oh,,,, I just cannot 'do' tofu or Himalayan pink salt.

Applause to people like in the video you posted!



nmygarden's picture

Do what you love and love what you do.

Thank you for posting this video, Mark.


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Awesome!  Love his presentation on the piece of slate too.  Now I want to make my own butter.....add it to my list.

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Nice video on good taste - seems to be spreading (sorry) - this is good...,

The world seems to be rediscovering things that bring taste pleasure back into vogue. Took long enough...,

Will the next frontier of discovery center on charcuterie?