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Anti-bread sentiments

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Anti-bread sentiments

I'm coming across more and more negativity about bread recently that I'm really starting to get annoyed by it.

Why has bread become another dietary whipping boy?


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Bread has been around for a long time and if there were anything negative about it then I'm sure the human race wouldn't be here by now.  

As with all these food issues - watch what you eat and how much you eat.  Bread's great and I love it.


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On my part, "take no notice" is easy to do. I just started baking my own bread months ago. I've always liked bread, and now I LOVE bread! But, the sad part for me is seeing my friends jump on the bandwagon. What argument can I make when they've lost 30, 40, or 50 pounds? I know it's because of the other changes in their diet. You can't just not eat bread. To at least some degree, you have to replace it with something. For the most part, these same friends could have lost the weight without giving up bread. They could simply reduce their caloric intake and eat more fresh veggies.

But, everyone wants something to say "no" to. It's easier to say "no" bread, and stick to it, than to live by "everything in moderation - especially moderation". People want hard edges, so they can bump up against them every once in a while and congratulate themselves for "staying within the bounds" of their diet fad. I'm convinced that's why there's so much "diet" food around. Nobody wants to limit themselves to one soda a week, so they either say "no soda" or they drink "diet" soda, depending on which they consider easier. Same thing with desserts. Fat-free cakes, cookies and brownies? No thanks! And other, even sillier "foods" such as fat-free sour cream! That's not even possible! People are weird.

Pass the fresh-from-the-oven BREAD, and don't forget the BUTTER!

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I think that for some people it can be easier to set clearly defined rules as to their diet so as to avoid having to constantly assess whether they're eating too much of something. Personally, as someone who has to make a deliberate effort to eat enough in general, I am fortunate to not have to worry so much about what not to eat.

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Gluten-free has become a dietary buzzword among some people, perhaps on the assumption that because some people are gluten intolerant, then gluten must be bad for everyone. There's no evidence for this, but the world of fad diets is not necessarily governed by reason.

Also, I am reminded of this clip from the British show QI:


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I wouldn't worry about it.

People are born without a cause and (unfortunately) most of them die without much meaning in their life (must be a tough instantaneous realization at the moment of death).

I just got through experiencing a Salumi sandwich bathed in Olive Oil Aioli with chopped Queen Spanish Green Olives on Pain au Levain San Francisco style with an Anchor Steam beer while watching a marvelous red sunset this evening.

You probably guessed that I don't listen all that much to those who may never realize that they have to make the most of their live time. They need to wake up and notice the type of illumination that the day has for showing its marvels - to observe and enjoy the fullest tableau a day can deliver...,