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Grey Flour?? and Poilane in Paris

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Grey Flour?? and Poilane in Paris

This relatively recent article discussed Poilane's use of 'grey flour', how good it is for you, etc. Along with thoughts that steam injection is a relatively 'new' invention for us in bread baking and the 'old' french breads did not use this 'technology'...

 My question - has anyone esle heard of grey flour, but more importantly can you buy it anywhere? I'd love to try some and see how it is making it at home. I've been to the Poilane shop in the 6th Arrondissement several times and purchased the sourdough boule and it is absolutely as great as it is reputed to be, so I be keen to try and find some of this flour for testing at home....I've conducted a google search with some information. I am currently visiting family in the U.S. and heading back to Sydney, so I'll follow up in a few days. Thanks for any response!


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Grey flour is French type 150, German type 1150. Here in Europe, you can get it at some grocery stores or health food shops.

I can't help you source it in Australia, though! Sorry! Maybe you can mail order it from someplace?

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This article was discussed, including grey flour, in this thread:

So you can get a lot of your questions answered there.