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Softening up whole wheat bread?

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Softening up whole wheat bread?

I'm trying to make almost complete whole wheat bread but not making it so dense and heavy.

Do you think 28g of soy flour and 28g of powdered milk with 60% of water(of whole wheat flour) would do the trick?

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I made naturally leavened 100% whole wheat bread the other day.  I used 100% hydration.  If you do an adequate bulk ferment (i.e. enough yeast present) and retain some bubbles when forming loaves and putting into proofing baskets, then you should have no problem obtaining a soft, delicious crumb.  I strongly recommend refrigerating the formed loaves, as the high hydration causes them to stick to the baskets.  

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I made whole wheat bread with stone-ground ww when I was in Ireland, and I soaked the ww before adding the rest of the ingredients.  I also added a bit more yeast, and the bread came out beautifully soft.  Mind you, I did use part strong white flour as well, but I think the soaking helped.