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Lucy’s Take On Wolfgang Puck’s Passover Gefilta Fish

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Lucy’s Take On Wolfgang Puck’s Passover Gefilta Fish

We try to bake some kind of gefilta fish based loosely on Wolfgang Pucks Passover recipe here.

 Last year’s was tilapia, with various Mexican green chilies wrapped in collard greens and set into cabbage to look like little cabbages that were covered in fish stock and veggies.  We made 6 large ones and they were terrific here

This year we made 8 mini ones with sushi grade swordfish, Vietnamese hot sauce that were wrapped in our garden grown Swiss Chard and covered in home made chicken stock and veggies - also delish.  I still like fresh whitefish and pike the best but can’t get them here.  A good reason to move to Canada!

No whole wheat matzo or whole wheat matzo balls after last year. 


Hope everyone had a great seder and Passover.




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Happy  Passover to you and the family!  That's some interesting GF and must taste great.  Has to be better than the chemical laden jar stuff

I made GF once a few years ago with white fish and pike which I had to drive all over LI to find.  Made a fish broth and in the end it came out pretty good.  Not as good as my Grandma Ester's who used to buy the fish alive and keep them in her bathtub in her Brooklyn apartment until ready to cook.  She was a great baker as well and I still remember watching her make the sponge cake.  I loved the "snow" she whipped up in her mixer for the cake.



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My Grandma, also named Ester, made the best mince meat pie!  She made her own of course and it had meat in it, beef shank,  as opposed to the horrible and expensive stuff in the jar today - that may not have any meat in it all or it is the last ingrdient listed.   Great in rugelach too as long as you don't tell people what is in them!

I magine trying to buy live fish today and keeping it in the tub:-)  It is better to spice it up some and give the GF some kick and taste now that I have the daughter eating spicy Pho and other hot oriental food.

I'm making some banana bread today to get some of the bananas out of the freezer.   Tired of them falling out on the floor when I open the freezer door :-)

Happy Passover to you and yours Ian

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Mexican green chiles, collard greens, Vietnamese hot sauce. Lucy likes fusion style Passover cuisine. :)

Happy Passover!



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her Passover food to be just as interesting as her bread and.....she thinks fusion puts it nicely too.  It's really Vietnamese garlic chili sauce - the hot sauce is different and much hotter for some reason.  She says thanks for noticing her Fusion GF's and

Happy Passover

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Coming from a Jewish family and the dreadful childhood memories of GF this brings a new light.  Still not sure if I'd go for it but it looks a whole lot more inviting than my memory serves me.  I wish this was the first version I saw.  

Nice Cookery. And where is the matzah?


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year's whole wheat matzo fiasco that the girls hated to no end last year.  I didn't think that anything could be hated more than white matzo - but I was..... oh so wrong.  The wife bought unsalted Streits matzo and they taste like they are a year or two old so they are better than fresh baked:-)  You wouod like the GF.  it is way better than the bottled kind but this sushi grade swordfish is best eaten raw with a little wasabi and pickled ginger:-)

Happy Passover Josh.

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Stuart Borken

A happy Passover to you as well.  At best, gefilta fish is not a very good product.  It's makes for an acceptable lunch with lots of horseradish and matza, and maybe a hard boiled egg, and maybe a salad.  I have heard of the fish in the bathtub before, but, that sort of story is just unbelievable, but, I'm sure it's true.  Back to the kitchen, making the matza balls for the soup for the second night......

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matzo is also not much to talk about and no matter how hard I try and no matter how many different ways they just don't taste like anything i want to eat more than a couple of days a year and it is sad they are consecutive too:-)   Since we weren't going to make GF, MB or Matzo this s year, i was going to take your advice from last year to make bottled GF more edible but found some swordfish in the freezer and changed the plans for it.

My brother bought Dan Saleaumua's house, Ex Chiefs DT, in Lee's Summit Mo and that house came with a fish pool that was half the size of the swimming pool !  Dan wouldn't eat any fish that wasn't completely fresh being from Samoan heritage but born in San Diego.   So fresh fish is possible if you are pretty rich and want it bad enough :-)

Wish i had made some MB too.  Guess my wife isn't buying for tonight? 

Happy Passover Stu!  good luck with the MB and may they float right away!  Maybe We will make some tomorrow with the left over matzo:-)

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Oh man, that looks healthy and delicious! We're limited to fresh water fish here, which isn't too bad, but I'd kill to have access to other fishes / seafood.

Happy baking and cooking, Dab!


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The original gefilta dish is make with fresh water fish like white fish and pike.   I have used talapia, catfish and swai too.  All are great so you can have gefilta fish when ever you like:-)  Glad you liked them and Happy Baking Zita.  Hope your bakery plans continue to go well.

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Sounds and looks delicious ,DA!

Happy passover to you and yours,



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Now Lucy and I are into Easter baking with banana bread, hot cross bub s a new thing Pizza Civitavecchia found here

SO we have out work cut out form us but the banana bread is done and the HC buns are cold proofing with just the Pizza Thing to go.  Hope all goes well with you and yours Khalid .  Can't wait to see your next post!

Happy Baking