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50% Whole Wheat Matzoh

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50% Whole Wheat Matzoh

Had to get the matzoh done in time to make gefilte fish and Matzoh Ball soup.  My apprentice ave the chicken stock simmering away and has 10 tubs of smaltz in the freezer.  Now for more time:-)

Have a good Passover everyone!

Home made Gefilte  Fish - my personal favorite.  Wrapped in collard green and cabbage, covered with onion and carrot and then the fish stock goes in to cover.  Even though I sold Kosher for 20 years from all the manufacturers, and theya re great folks - make your own matzoh, fish , matzoh balls.   Can't buy anything close. 

Yes, Brownmen like their Matzoh's to be on the brown side:-)

The balls will expand greatly so don't crowd the pot.

See how much they puffed?  They floated in 30 seconds like good little matzoh balls should.

Have a nice Passover Seder!



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Nice Matzohs, DA... are they leavened? 

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We know that, and salt, are no-nos.

So how did they taste? I saw a rather amusing article on Serious Eats today - The most Expensive Matzoh - Does $27 Matzoh Really Taste Better?

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tastes as good as home made - even if it isn' t :-)  The matzohs taste as good as flour and water can I guess.  Won't know about the rest till later - the fish and chicken stocks were good too.

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Tuscan cracker where they forgot the salt and the leavening :-)  Nothing more tasteless then matzohs - that is why you have to brown them real well to get some taste in them :-)

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Happy Passiver.  Heading over to my Cousins house in a few for the Seder.  Matzoh looks very nice.  Have to try making myself one of these days.  Do you make your own Fish?

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I really can't abide the fish in jars very well.  I don't know what they do to them but it shouldn't be legal when you can make such tasty ones so easy at home with good fish.  It must be the tradition.  My wife already told me when she got home that there isn't any WW in matzohs, M Balls, or the fish either.  I hate tradition sometimes, especially  when it gets in the way of tastes good!

Have a good Seder at your cousin's place Ian!

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My best friend (since age of 3) is a Jew and Matzo was so much part of my growing up. I don't think we ever tried to grade Matzo in taste category - it was there and we had to eat it. It has been years since I have eaten them, with my friend being a few 1000 miles apart. This post is nostalgic for me. Happy Passover Seder!

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fond memories.  There are 3 grades of taste grades when it comes to matzoh......  Worse, the same or better than a cardboard box :-)  Put some SD, herbs, cheese and salt in there and you get a decent cracker:-)

Happy baking Alpana

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so yummy, happy Passover Seder. i never had matzoh ball soup before. collard green cabage rolls... yum, yum.. 

thank u for sharing


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Great Aunt Haddie's famous cabbage rolls now that you mention it......but it was really gefilte fish that were rolled up in collard greens and surrounded by cabbage leaves to look like little cabbages :-)  It turned out they were the best dish served last night if you didn't count the apple pie -which wasn't served after dinner. 

If the stock and the matzoh balls are good, the soup can be really tasty.  In this case, the WW matzoh balls were not received as well as they could have been.  They are not 'traditional' for my wife's family and naturally not as light as all white flour matzoh balls - just like WW baguettes are heavier than  all white ones.

At least they were healthier, and in all truthfulness I would suggest, the matzoh that was in them is much more traditional from a historical point of view.  Hebrews fleeing Egypt so long ago, didn't have white flour  either and their unleavened and unsalted bread was no doubt - whole wheat too :-)

Happy baking Evon - look forward to your next bake.

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and nice Matzo DA!  I hope it was properly bland and tasteless.  -Varda

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Pesach to you and yours Varda!  It will be the last time my apprentice tries to sneak some WW, and extra flavor, into the Matzoh......caught Holy you know what for that !  I ought to make a lemon, poppy seed cake out of the leftovers just out of spite :-)  The MB's suffered a little on the light and airy side because of the WW but they were tasty.   The fish was better for the WW but there isn't as much matzoh in the fish.  Live and learn.....

Happy baking Varda and have a a nice meet and greet with The Fresh Loafians this weekend. 

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Thanks for the posting, DA.  Never made matzo myself but one day will do it--fast bake, all has to be done within 18 minutes, at least that's the tradition.  Got some shmura matzo--really dark bake, a little singed around the edges.  Hope you had a great seder.  The gefilte fish prep looks wonderful.  


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darker so I suppose I should tell you my secret :-)  With two stones you can bake one side two minutes on the bottom stone  and then flip it over and to the top stone for another 2 minutes as you load a new one on the bottom stone.  So you are loading a new one in a little less than 3 minutes but they bake for 4 or a little more.  Got to roll them out like machine crazy to have them thin to get them really brown like I like them.  Still, I can only get 3 done usually within the 18 minute time limit because I want them brown more than I want them on time.

The gefilte fish recipe I use is one I stole from Wolfgang Puck's TV show he had a few years ago.  I modified it to use collard greens to wrap them in and surround them with cabbage leaves and caramelize the onions with the diced very fine carrots, celery, poblano and jalapeno peppers and then little cayenne to punch it up some more.  Not very traditional but they sure taste great.  Any white fish will do and they all taste better than one out of the jar and prettier too!    Fancy ones have salmon, orange roughy, snapper or sea bass.  Real Whitefish, Pike or Walleye from Canada are still my my favorite but very hard to get it fresh this time of year.

The matzoh balls now have the same stuff in them as the gefilte fish does.  It saves a lot of time and they taste great.  Finishing off both and the matzoh too tonight.    We had a good seder.

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Stuart Borken

We buy it in jars and reboil it in it's juice with extra sugar, extra onions, carrots and salt and black pepper.  It boils for a couple hours.  It is then chilled and tastes pretty good.  It's a fish quenelle.

Matzoh is at best a bad product.  It is like eating cardboard.  This year I'm going to try it with pizza sauce and cheese.  It already is "thin crust".

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sounds way better than taking them out of the jar and putting them in the fridge to cool off.  I think your way would dilute the salt content some which is my main beef with gelfilte fish in jars.

Mine bake,  the little cabbage looking once, covered in fish stock with foil on top,  at 350 F for 30 minutes and then they go in the fridge to cool.   Home made ones just taste wasy better to me.  They say theirs is made with Whitefish and Pike, two of my favorites,  but ours don't tastle like that no matter what fish we use.....  and wouldn't even if it was canned tuna :-)

Your take on Matzoh Pizza would be a better use for the left overs.  Home made ones on day two can be worse than cardboard but they do make durable frizbees that fly very well if you make them round like we do :-)

Happy Bking Stuart! 

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Juergen Krauss

and all the things that go with them.

Do you have a really hot oven? 

We'll have a seder on Saturday, and you gave me an idea what to cook.


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but it really is only 520 F.  Roll them as thin as you possibly can. I have two stones too (the Mazoh on one and the other above leaving just enough room to get the peel in and use parchment and peel to get them to the stone - 1 1/2  minutes a side.  Thick and longer makes for tough  matzohs.  I would skip the WW too if your guests aren't used to it.  750 F would be better.  It is fun to try to hit the time limit and having a helper is better.

I suppose the main thing is to let the flour hydrate for a long a time as you can and still make the 18 minute mark, without working it - or as little as possible - even less than a biscuit dough.  Rolling it out will give you enough gluten  to hold it together.  I used 1 C of flour (half WW)  and 1/2 C of water so it was about 81% hydration (119 g of water and 146 of flour) for each batch and it made 4 decent sized matzohs.

I'd go with less water if using all white flour - maybe 68- 70%.  Getting organized and working fast is the key because it's 12 minutes of baking and 6 minutes of mixing, rolling and docking per batch.   If you aren't trying to make the time limit, it is much easier.   Most every time I can only get 3 done in 18 minutes since my helper is four pawed. and not much help rolling :-)

Have a good seder on Saturday Juergen