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Tartine Sourdough

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Tartine Sourdough

75% Hydration

70% All Purpose, 20% freshly milled durum, 10% spelt.  Fed the sourdough starter in two stages with freshly milled hard white whole wheat.  Baked in a dutch oven.


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Looks like you went with a "Forkish loaf" (i.e. no razor scoring)?

Any pics of the crumb?



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Gotta love the Forkish.

mariana's picture

Outstanding beauty. Congratulations, very nice! Perfect loaf indeed. 

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Yes, forkish indeed although I always have troubles achieving that really spectacular cracking of the crust.  I think I usually shape the boules too tight - this time I used a bit more flour when shaping.  The crumb photo is of the lighter bread. 
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They puffed themselves up pretty well and the crumb is fairly open.  Looks like you stuck a Forkish in it to me  :-)   Well done and Happy Baking