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Hello Fellow Bakers

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Hello Fellow Bakers

My name's Maggie and I hail from the northern area of the US. I extend my appreciation for this website and to the one and all that keep it alive! This year I started making pizza dough and naan with the kneading hook attachment that came with my 5 quart KitchenAid. Last night we consumed most of my first "real" loaf of bread, using the lesson two recipe from this website. OMG DELISH. The recipe called for three cups of white flour, of which I added nearly a cup of whole wheat flour in the kneading process.  I am so looking forward to the guidance and support this site has to offer as I venture into my newest interest!

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And welcome to The Fresh Loaf.  Our host and moderator, Floyd Mann, keeps this lively ferment of a community running.  The rest of we flour-coated baking enthusiasts go on and on about the bread that we've baked, or are thinking about baking, or have eaten, or would like to eat, or...well, you get the picture.

Looking forward to hearing about your baking adventures.


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Nothing like a good loaf of bread to round out a meal if it isn't pizza or naan for Indian food:-)

Happy Baking

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I'm not long new here myself and I'm already have fun.