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Chad Robertson book signing in Bellingham, WA March 28th

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Chad Robertson book signing in Bellingham, WA March 28th

I just noticed that Chad Robertson will be doing a book signing at Village Books in Bellingham, Washington on March 28th. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it, but it looks worthwhile for anyone who can. 

Any other stops in the NW that anyone is aware of?  I haven't heard anything about him coming through Vancouver and I checked Powell's in Portland and don't see anything there either. 

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I talked to folks at the WSU Bread Lab today and Chad is there for 2 days doing some experimenting. He'll be doing the book talk the evening between. So this isn't really a book tour, it's just a local thing.. I was hoping he'd be coming down to Seattle, but no such luck. I'd really like to be an elf in the corner and see/hear what goes on! :-}

I'm sure it will be a good presentation.


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i got an email today saying he will spend the 27th-29th at the Bread Lab at WSU-Mount Vernon Ag research & Extension Center, where they are testing heirloom grains grown in Western WA. he wiill "explore wheat flavors and milling techniques" at the Bread Lab.

I have not heard of other stops. He is not scheduled at Elliot Bay Books or Third Place Books in Seattle. I checked.

Good for the Bread Lab (host and co-sponsor of Kneading Northwest) and Village Books!