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Micro-baker? Join us Wednesday for #BreadChat

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Micro-baker? Join us Wednesday for #BreadChat

Hi everyone,

I'd like to invite you to participate in this month's #BreadChat — especially if you're a micro-baker, aspiring micro-baker, or just curious about baking larger batches of bread in your home kitchen.

Hanseata joins us as a guest co-host, along with a number of other micro-bakers.

To inspire, we're gathering photos of micro-bakers and their baking setups on the Micro-bakers pinboard.

Ways to participate in #BreadChat:

  1. If you like to tweet, join in the discussion on Twitter, 2-3pm CST, Wednesday, February 19. You can also listen in, if that's more your style. (See start and end times in your timezone.)
  2. Share photos of your micro-bakery on the #BreadChat micro-bakers pinboard ( To get started, join Pinterest and follow this pinboard. We'll follow you back, and then you can pin photos.
  3. Post your photos on this thread. With your permission, we'll add them to the micro-bakers pinboard on your behalf.

Happy baking from Chicago,


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And good questions!


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Hi Jacqueline/Hanseata

I started a thread a while back on "Micro Bakeries" trying to ascertain if there was really any money to be had in that business (that is worth the effort), and was hoping plenty of people would respond with positive reports but to be honest I'm struggling to find that many successful people.   Neither of you have contributed to the thread but if you have knowledge and experience of Micro Baking your comments would be welcome.



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Hi EP, 

A number of the micro-bakers on the February #BreadChat expressed that they had used their micro-bakeries to test out ideas on a small scale, and to see how they liked being in the bakery business, before investing in a larger venture. A micro-baker you might like to reach out to is Sarah Jeffery of the micro-bakery "Bakergirl." Sarah and her partner, Sharon Tomkinson, are now in the process of expanding Bakergirl from a home-based micro-bakery, into a retail bakehouse, set to open in 2014. Sarah and Sharon served as #BreadChat guest co-hosts, and you can find links for them on the #BreadChat page:

Other micro-bakers on #BreadChat expressed running their micro-bakeries purely for the love of it, whether or not such projects were financially profitable.

In the #BreadChat transcript, you can see all of the bread bakers who participated in the chat, and follow the conversation. The transcript is likewise posted on the #BreadChat page:

All best wishes for your micro-bakery research. Please keep us posted!