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Hello, Fresh Loaf!

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Hello, Fresh Loaf!

Hello, this is my intro. I'm new to the site but have enjoyed reading here for a long time. I SO appreciate this site, and hope I can learn even more and also contribute to the forums. My main interest in terms of bread is wheat-free baking

DavidEF's picture

Welcome, reptilegrrl, so glad you came! Well, you've been here awhile already, so I guess you know your way around pretty well by now. Let us know if there is anything we can help you with. There are quite a few people here that bake gluten-free, which is necessarily wheat-free as well, so you have plenty of resources here.

Bakingmadtoo's picture

Hello and welcome. Trailrunner gave me some excellent tips on baking with spelt, just a couple of days ago

But also if you try typing the flours you like to bake with in the search bar, you will find loads of results appear.