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Tartine Sourdough Walnut Country Loaf

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David Esq.

Tartine Sourdough Walnut Country Loaf

Following Chad Robertson's recipe, in Tartine, I made a fantastic walnut bread last night.  It is super delicious plain this morning. Not sure if I would make sandwiches on it or not but I suppose I will find out soon.  I used 200 grams of white whole wheat and 800 grams of all purpose.  I burned a bunch of the walnuts (or at least I think they were too dark) so these loaves don't have the full 3 cups but as you can see there are plenty of nuts in the crumb.



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That looks great, nice photos and awesome crumb!

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Gorgeous looking loaves.   Out of interest did you bake these open on a bread stone or in a DO etc?  and how long for?

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David Esq.

Followed the book with the exception of less walnuts due to over cooking and using 200 grams of White WW instead of 100 of whole wheat. 

Sooo, I preheat oven to 500 with combo cooker (DO) in the oven, drop dough into pan, score, lower to 450 and cook covered 20 minutes and uncovered 20 minutes. 

The levain was made with 1 week old refrigerated unfed starter (it was the levain from last week's bread)

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Julie McLeod

Wow, that looks great.  Sure looks to have plenty of walnuts even though you reduced the quantity.  

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David Esq.

Honestly, I don't know how 3 cups of walnuts would have fit as it was tough enough incorporating the ~2 1/2 cups I managed to salvage. In fact some walnuts poked through the outer crust.

One thing worth noting is that walnuts turn the dough purple. Chad notes this in the recipe but it is easy to overlook and it is a little freaky to see the dough looking like a bruised piece of flesh!

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as good as it looks inside and out.  Well Done!

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Great looking loaf.  Your crust and crumb look exceptional.


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David Esq.

I agree. Everything about the loaf turned out quite spectacular. It turns out to taste great toasted and buttered. Still haven't tried it with peanut butter or as grilled cheese.  But I do enjoy carving it off the loaf and eating it straight up.

Fortunately, my wife is not a big fan of walnuts so I won't be making this one a lot. I say fortunately because this is one loaf I tend to go back to eat throughout the day whereas I don't do that with the basic country loaf, which is also delicious but does not call out to be eaten at random intervals.

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and very appetizing!


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loook at those awesome holes in your crumb. I always target to achieve them like this, seldom I get there. Awesome bake !!!