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So which one are you?

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So which one are you?

I wonder what the bread we like says about us.  I don't know what if any science is behind this but it can;t be much.

Happy Sandwich Making

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Pastrami on rye with some Thousand Island Dressing.  Must be real thin sliced pastrami warmed up and through in some melted Munster cheese and I'm good.

A pulled pork or smoked brisket would tie for second.

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PaddyL would have to be the BLT.

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How could I pick just one?  I mean just recently I met a Reuben that will never be forgotten.  Then there is BBQ and all its variations.  Who doesn't love a BLT at the heart of tomato season?  Tuna salad with red onions, celery, carrots, orange zest, smoked chilli powder.  But just some relish and melted with cheese is another.  When the roast beef is truly rare it needs few things other than good bread to make for a memory.  What about the Bacon Egg and Cheese on a kaiser bun?  Or Chicken/Veal/Meatball parm (do subs/wedges/heroes count as a sandwich?)  Bahn Mi?  ham and butter on a baguette.  I'd feel bad to pick one over another. 

Now I want a few sandwiches



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Alas, it would seem that I am not to be trusted! I don't like sandwiches! Love bread, but prefer it without the filling!

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Possibly an old sole here as my favourite on the list is the tuna melt, although I can see myself agreeing with Bakingmadt in a way as my favourite breads tend to be tear and share flatbreads without fillings..........

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would show in the first place that I'm German - I'm used to open faced sandwiches, without towers of meat, dripping sauces and lock jaw heights.
My favorite sandwich is a rye, like Feinbrot, topped with North Sea shrimp salad (SIGH!) or Fleischsalat. Or Danish Smørrebrød with Gravad Laks.

I do like American BLTs or Pulled Pork Sandwiches, but I shudder at the idea of a Reuben (sauerkraut straight from the jar, yuck!) or Peanut Butter & Jelly.



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there are none of these sandwiches where I live and 90% of all sandwiches are open-faced with just a thin coating of butter and a single, not too extravagant topping such as smoked sausage, cheese, never any fish (though some people like to put herring salads on bread), occasionally an egg.

What I don't understand about American sandwiches is how to eat them. I can't open my mouth so wide! For example the turkey sandwich in the first picture of the article seems completely impossible.

My favorite sandwich is a hard-boiled egg on a slice of borodinsky with just touch of herbed mayonnaise.

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I like a reuben sandwich, but with homemade sauerkraut please!


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sausage and peppers sandwich .... guess I'd have to pick the BLT on toast and make it a club sandwich : )