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New Years Pizze

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New Years Pizze

My wife and I had a quiet New Years day. Very mellow, except for dinner. My wife gets pretty excited when I make pizza.

I again used Ken Forkish's formula for a sourdough pizza crust. After my successful experience fermenting my SFSD dough in my proofing box (San Francisco-style Sourdough and dishes made with it), I did the same with the pizza dough. The result was pretty much the same as I had had last Summer with this dough (Pizza Bliss), which is to say it was delicious - very flavorful with a mild to moderate sourdough tang. The rim was puffed up and very crisp. Really good eating.

I made two mushroom pizza. One had olive oil, finely chopped fresh rosemary, sliced garlic and mozzarella. The other had olive oil, tomato sauce (from Floyd's Pizza Primer) and mozzarella. 

Wishing you all Happy Baking and a delicious 2014!




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Looks Yum!!! Makes me wanna bake one as well!!

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annie the chef

I'm glad the binge eating week is over and summer holidays is starting with pizzas, salads and cold crisp white wine.

Happy New Year David.



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Another great looking pizza David.  I'm about to go out into the blizzard we are having here on Long Island so I need something to start baking when I thaw out :).

Did you use your standard 60% hydration starter or a liquid one to build the levain?  I just refreshed my starter which I keep at around 65%.

Thanks and Happy New Year to you and your family.


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Yikes. From where we sit in the high-60's and clear skies, that storm looks pretty awful. It definitely calls for pizza!

I used the levain called for in the Forkish recipe. I'm pretty sure I gave it in my "Pizza Bliss" blog entry.


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Now Lucy know;s what to do with the last of the leftover Panettone levain!  This is another example of why pizza is its own seperate food group!  Well done and

Happy New Year David!

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...for being excited about these beautiful pizzas - lovely crusts, and toppings!
Thank you for your New Year wishes - wishing you the very best also.
:^) breadsong

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Just curious David what oven set-up and procedure you use for your Pizza.  I have been making mine outside on my kettle grill with a special attachment that allows me to get the temp up to 700-800 degrees so now of course I need to use my inside oven.


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I convection-bake at 500 dF on  baking stone that I pre-heat for 45-60 minutes. My pizzas bake in 10-11 minutes.

Tell me more about your "special attachment."


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Thanks David

You can check out the Kettle Pizza attachment here:

it works pretty good.


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Song Of The Baker

Great job on that crust David.  Amazing looking, and I am sure it tasted as good as any pizza I have tasted.  Had a few good ones in my trip to SF last week.

Happy baking.