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Friday Night SD YW Pretty Plain Pizza

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Friday Night SD YW Pretty Plain Pizza

This time we went back our favorite crust; Sourdough Focaccia Romano.  The SD levain used 10 g of rye starter, we added 45 g yeast water for the liquid and 45g of white whole wheat.  The 100 g of levain made up 20% of the total 500 g dough flour and water weight.


The dough included fresh rosemary, garlic and sun dried tomato to live up to the Focaccia Romano name.  To make the dough come out to 70% hydration,  246 g of AP flour and 164 g of water were mixed with the levain, 12 g of olive oil and 6 g of salt at 2% of the total flour weight.

After 3 sets of slap and folds of 8, 2 and 1 minute that were spread 12 minutes apart and 3 sets of S&F’s from the cardinal compass points where the rosemary, garlic and sun dried tomato were added in on the first set, the dough came together into a satin smooth ball.

After 2 hours of being undisturbed on the counter, the dough was retarded for 48 hours where it rose well in the fridge.  The dough was allowed to warm up on the counter for 3 hours before being shaped into (2) pizza crusts of 250 g each.  The dough was very extensible yet plenty strong.  There was no tearing even though the dough was shaped into very thin rounds.


As per our usual, we brushed the crust with Mojo de Ajo and docked it with a fork before sliding it into the 550 F oven on the bottom stone for a 2 minute par bake before removing it from the oven to be loaded up with the toppings.  It took about 6 minutes more baking to finish the pizza off heat wise. 


We really cut down on the toppings this time; chicken Italian sausage, red bell pepper, red onion and crimini mushrooms with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese for my wife’s pizza and added green manzanilla olives, pepperoni and fresh basil for my pizza


The sauce was unique and extra spicy this time.  Lucy added her extra hot and spicy, home made, left over, red Mexican sauce (that also had tomatillos and green chilies in it too) to our usual spicy Italian pizza sauce in a 50/50 blend.  We like it very much and may be our go to fusion pizza and Italian sauce from now on


The crust browned up well, was very crisp and thin - just the way we like it ….and it blistered too!  The 48 hours in the fridge helped the flavor even though the YW did mask the SD tang somewhat.  It turned out to be fine pizza dough in the end and we like it as much as our go to SD version.  Those who don’t like SD will prefer this one.


Now we just have the Chocolate Rye Salted cookies that breadsong posted for Christmas and a panettone for New Year’s  left to bake this year - maybe a white SD too next week between the two. 

When you have a slow, long build of white levain for a panettone bake, you end up with a lot of SD levain / starter waste.... so might as well make some pancakes with the toss.  Served with sausage, an egg. Maple syrup dm balck grapes.

 Yes.... it is chopped prickly pear tuna - I see some combo jam and margarita mix in the making.

And have a salad with that pizza..... to make it healthy and more filling:-)


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Your pizzas are always so inspiring DA.  These look like another bunch of winners chock full of hearty tasty goodness.

Your pancakes look amazing...please share your formula for those when you have a chance.

That pickly pear photo almost burned my retinas out it is so bright and full of color.  What does it taste like?

I'm preparing some levains tonight and mixing up some German Rolls that Karin the queen of seeds posted on her blog.  I need to make some pizza dough as well soon.  The wife has been baking cookies the last couple of days and hopefully I will get to take some photos and post them when she is done.

Just got back from the Dog Park with Max who was running non-stop for 2 hours squeaking at all the bigger dogs to come chase him!

Happy Holiday baking DA.

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I double the recipe so I can make a batch of EM:S with what ever flour combination.  The other half of the batter i add an egg, some melted butter or corn oil, a little more sugar, a tsp, and 1/4 tsp  vanilla and what ever extra milk is required to get it to a thick pancake batter.  You can put some YW in there or not for the overnight counter development if you want a less sour pancake or EM. 

Your rolss sound great and it sounds like Max had fun at the park.  Glad you liked the Pizza and post.

Happy baking ian 


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Thanks...I will give the pancakes a try as soon as I get a chance.  Mixing up another variation of a Durum Semolina bread in-between my wife's cookie baking.


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mouthwatering pizza as always da! 

this is very very tempting. I bet the crust would be perfect on its own. Well done!!

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Is your usual sourdough recipe on the site anywhere? I would love to give it a try, I don't have any yeast water and to be honest, I still have too much to learn to add in more variables! Your pizzas look amazing, a great pizza is probably my favourite meal, and I have never even tried to make a sourdough one. Is the texture very different from commercially yeasted pizza dough in the way the texture of a sourdough loaf is? If I could make one that was even half as good as yours I would be very happy!

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for 2 individual pizza crusts 250 g each

Levain is 20% of the total weight , at 100% hydration, or 100g

10 g of stiff starter

45 g of water

45 g of flour

Ley double on the counter before using 

Dough - 70% hydration

All the starter plus

249 g of flour

151 g of water

6 g of salt

12 g of olive oil

1 T of sun dried tomato chopped, 1 tsp each of fresh rosemary and garlic - all chopped very fine.

Hold back the add ins and do 3 sets of slap and folds  for 8, 2 and 1 minute then 3 sets of stretch and folds incorporating the add ins on the first one,  Refrigerate for 24 -48 hours.  Take out of the fridge 3-4 hours before using to warm up.

Glad you liked it and

Happy Baking


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our Focaccia  Romano recipe.  It makes great focaccia at 75% hydration and ciabatta at 85-90% hydration.  The garlic rosemary and sun dried tomato in the dough make it tasty. For focaccia just form it a little thicker, dimple it with the fingers put the brush the garlic infused olive oil (mojo de ajo) on  top push in so olives and cherry tomatoes with a sprinkling of Pecorino Romano on top and there you go - just let it rise for a bit on the counter covered before baking at 425 F then add the fresh basil to the bread on top as it comes out ofthe oven.  It is just as good without the YW and you get the SD tang.

Glad you like it and Happy baking CeciC

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Thank you so much, I will be trying this out this week. I have never thought of adding flavours to the dough, so am looking forward to experimenting.