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Question about a bread I ate this weekend

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Question about a bread I ate this weekend

I was at a Farmers Market this past weekend, and purchased a loaf of "Sunflower Bread".  I had the pleasure of discovering this bread last year at the same place, so when I had to chance to return and get another loaf, I did.  The bread was insanely good; warm just out of the oven, a bit sweet, very soft, and full of tasty sunflower seed morsels. 

I have been trying to find a recipe that would produce a similar loaf.  Most of the pictures show breads with a tight crumb, and a texture that just is not right for this bread.  But tonight I found this picture and I swear it looks exactly like the bread that I bought.  So I am curious....what makes a bread look like this?  I am referring to the "loose" crumb, the very soft texture.  You can see what I am talking about by checking out this link.

I would love to be able to make a bread similar to what I was so incredibly good.  I think it's my favorite bread EVER.  And that is saying something! :-)

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For some reason, the website tells me that's a one-time link that I can't use, so can't see your example. 

Sounds like an Amish seed bread I make that's enriched with yogurt and egg but without being able to see the picture, I might be way off base. 

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Yes, please fix the link.

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Craig_the baker

...would suggest high hydration level maybe some butter for the softer texture. Just a guess. Time to start experimenting! ;-)