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1384 pages of joy!

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1384 pages of joy!

I have a confession. Over the last couple of months I've carefully and diligently worked my way through each and every page of the TFL forum posts, using the subject line to filter and pick out discussions relevant to my interests, equipment, techniques, looking for both inspiration and advice from this great meeting place. 

I'd just like to say.a big thank you to everyone and especially to floydm, I've read so much and learnt a lot. From txfarmers baguettes, to lava rock steaming method, to crack-dealers scales (for measuring minute amounts of yeast), to the benefit of a bold bake, to the perennial advice to the question of how to put the sour into sourdough.

Thank you!

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my apprentice knows about bread and baking it - she learned right here from the members of TFL community.....If she had a decent master home baker to l\earn from, it would only be 96% :-)  The best way to compress 10 years of hard baking is to kick back read the posts on TFL while you bake for a year!

Happy Reading and Baking  

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Wow, that is pretty amazing!  Glad to hear you enjoyed it so.

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I have been doing just the same! It takes forever doesn't it?  But I have learned so much. Far more than I would get from any one book. Folks on here are so knowledgable and generous with it. I can only second your thanks.

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Hmmmm….1384 pages.  Certainly sounds like a productive use of my "snowed-in" time this winter.  This website is an amazing source of bread baking information and I have referred many people to TFL.   Thank you Floydm et al.

Happy Holidays and Merry Baking to all!  

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Definitely a project for when the nights close in. I'm certainly wiser for the experience although the bar was set pretty low at the beginning.

I often wonder whether there should be a random post link to open up the possibility of serendipitously stumbling across a gem of info from anywhere in the archive.

Happy Christmas everyone.

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Floyd, an online book based on the "The Fresh Loaf" à la wiki?