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My Journey with Sourdough, Tartine and Dutch Oven - FOLLOW UP

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My Journey with Sourdough, Tartine and Dutch Oven - FOLLOW UP

Hi there forum members and good souls...

As you probably know (or not) I shared with you some of my frustrations and skepticism about the functionality of a Dutch Oven in the baking process of highly hydrated dough. You can find more about my "story" here and here .

Well, good news! I purchased a Dutch Oven and what can I say - it really impressed me and the results are quite impressive. Also, I would like to thank all of you who wrote, sent PMs, supported, exchanged emails, and didn't give up on me- thank you.

Long story short - I have not done any Tartine bread just yet; however, I baked two Vermont Sourdough loafs. Attached below are some pictures. I'm trying to think to myself - what's next now? well, I would like to create bigger loafs, so if someone out there has the percentages of Helaman's Vermont Sourdough - it'll be helpful. Also, as you can see - I have big holes which are not consistent throughout the loaf - how do I overcome that?

Any general suggestions as for how to make my loafs better will be more than welcome.

Again - I could not have done that without you guys - so - thank you everyone, and if you can add a suggestion as for how to make them better, it will be appreciated.


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 various whole grain breads at different hydrations starting at 25% then 50% then 75% then 100% whoole grains of various single or multi-grain varieties.  That should keep you busy for a while and start you on a quest worth starting and never finishing!

Happy baking for a good long while :-)

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It looks like a low temperature in oven or not enough heated dutch oven.