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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

A quick note to say "Thank you" to everyone who shares their experiences here and makes TFL such a wonderful community.

To the American bakers celebrating today: I hope your feasts come together wonderfully and your Thanksgiving is full of love and gratitude.  I look forward to seeing your creations soon!

To the posters living elsewhere: know that your help and encouragement has enriched our lives and made hundreds of us more confident, capable hosts and guests today.  We are deeply grateful for your selflessness and companionship!


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I am thankful for all my fellow "breadies", who inspire me to do better and to try new things! Have a wonderful day to you all!


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As always thank you, Floyd. Have recently discovered the "support this site" link at the bottom which must have been added when the upgrade was done 6 months ago. Today felt like the right day to use it.

Greetings from New Zealand to those of you celebrating Thanksgiving today.

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Thank you son much, Robyn!

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Floyd, you're just too unobtrusive!

This site and all the skilled bakers on it are a great inspiration for my struggles to make loaves I'm proud of. So like Robyn, I have just made good use of that support link.

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Thank you, Don!

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Happy Thanksgivings everyone.  Here's a wonderful video on being grateful and happy.

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Hi Floyd,
What a lovely note for Thanksgiving!
Wishing you and all the TFL'ers celebrating, a very happy holiday.
Thank you for this site, a place where so much is shared.
:^) breadsong

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The dishes are washed and the leftovers refrigerated. The guests are put to bed. My eyes are kind of heavy.

We had 11 for dinner - children, grandchildren a sister and a nephew. A wonderful family. We just miss the others who weren't with us. Hanukkah is always fun, but Thanksgiving is a time of family gatherings. The two together is amazing. 

I've served 4 kinds of bread so far, including the breads for breadcrumbs on the baked fish for the pescaterians and the bread for the dressing. I'll serve at least two other kinds of breads tomorrow.

I hope all the TFL family had as nice a day and as much to be thankful for as I did and do.


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Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! TFL has become an online home base during so many holidays and celebrations. Definitely grateful for all the work everybody puts in to this site. Cheers, and happy digesting!

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Mini Oven

(on Sunday...)  Happy First Advent Sunday!    Warm Oven Happy Holiday thoughts for everyone!  


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and Happy Hanukkah too!  The first day of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving won't fall on the same day again for 70 odd thousand years!  Happy baking too all!

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Although somewhat belated, Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Floyd. And thanks for your all your efforts and encouragement.