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Alternative to the windowpane test

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Alternative to the windowpane test

Just came across this suggestion for checking on whether your coarse wholegrain dough is properly kneaded, in cases when the traditional windowpane test won't work.

"Use your thumb and forefinger to pull up a piece of the dough about an inch above the dough surface. If the dough holds the pinch and stands in a little ridge without springing back, it is fully kneaded."

I don't believe I've heard this one before. Anybody else using this technique?

(BTW, that's from "Amy's Bread" by Amy and Toy Kim Dupree.)

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I thought dough was supposed to be kneaded to such elasticity that it would spring BACk when pulled away a bit (this is from Hamelman's book I think, which unfortunately I don't have with me at the moment).

If it stands at a ridge, doesn't that indicate the dough is not elastic enough? And since a lot of people use the indentation test to see if the dough is properly risen, doesn't that mean the dough should start the rise "springy" and end the rise not springy?

Or maybe coarse grain doughs react differently? I would really appreciate any additional clarifications, thanks!