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Greetings from Hong Kong!

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Greetings from Hong Kong!

Hi everyone! 


I have been reading posts on this site for a while now and I am really enjoying your results, pictures, recipes and tips!

I have just registered so I can ask a question of my own.

I live in Hong Kong and good bread is hard to find here, or very expensive! Being Dutch, bread is a very important aspect of our diet and I am happy to say that for over a year now I have been baking all the bread for my family, never buying store bread any more!


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Hi there 

Very nice to meet someone from Hong Kong as well. you are perfectly right about the bread in Hong Kong. They are tasteless.

hope u enjoy your stay here. We have some exceptional bakers here.

happy baking


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I have been searching for good flour for Eu-style bread.

The bread flour in HK are mainly from China or Japan.

I notice Moul-Bie flour is available in China(found in Taobao)

Anyone knows where can I buy them in HK?

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Welcome to Asia!

Are there no branches of BreadTalk or Tous les Jours over there? They are international franchises and have good following here in the Philippines.