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Stilton & Walnut Cob

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Stilton & Walnut Cob

made this using a strong Stilton. The smell was gorgeous. In addition to the cob I made a cottage loaf and some rolls. There is no need for filling with the rolls as they are a meal in themselves. The bread would equally be at home on a cheeseboard. 

I made these using a poolish. 

Oh almost forgot; it tasted heavenly and would work equally as well with other cheeses such as Red Leicester & Cheddar combo minus the nuts. 



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Looks and sounds great.

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Song Of The Baker

Mmm..Stilton is one of my fave cheeses.  This would be gone in 10 minutes if in my home.


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Mini Oven

I think that's why we didn't get a crumb shot!  Lol  :)

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This is one lofty rise! nice round boule with excellent pairings: cheese and nut!

Lovely baking, Yeasty.


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the oven at exactly the right time.  Great spring and bllom.  Wish i could taste it.

Happy baking

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Thanks everyone for your really nice comments. I am really pleased with how this loaf turned out and your comments & encouragement are the icing on the cake :)