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Hard Red and Soft White Wheat

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Hard Red and Soft White Wheat

I read somewhere that you can mix hard red and soft white wheat to make bread.  You need of course more hard red vs. the soft white, supposedly it helps make a softer bread.  Has anyone tried this option and how did it turn out?

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The reason you'd use soft white wheat is to make a lighter whiter bread. I ground my own in a 3:1 ratio. The problem is the lack of gluten. You could make up the difference with vital wheat gluten, but at that point you might as well switch recipes. I've only found soft-white wheat useful for pie crusts and morning cereal.

I suggest using all hard white wheat? That's what the "Ultragrain" flour is made from. White wheat is lacking the pigments and antioxidants present in red wheat, but it still has a lot more fiber and nutrients than refined white flour. If you can't get your hands on hard white wheat berries, try variations on the ratios. Otherwise, I can always put a plug in for General Mills white-whole wheat, but that isn't the point, is it?

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I've pulled this off making challah and it was absolutely fantastic.  Reason I did so was to have a partially wholegrain challah that was still fluffy and I figured this soft flour would add nutrients and flavor while keeping the dough soft and shreddable.  It worked.  As for leaner doughs I haven't experimented but as Double said if you find the right ratio it can certainly be done.

This loaf was made with soft white wheat and bread flour.  50% soft wheat though.  

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the local Bosch dealership told me you can make bread with soft white wheat - but they are wrong.  Like Josh, I grind it, sift nit to 75% extraction and mix it with 75% extraction hard rad to make the best tasting SD baguettes at 10% protein or a little less - mix 2 parts soft white with 1 part sifted hard red.  Should work great for challah too.

You can also add VWG in the right ration to get it to 10% protein and make some fine soft whole wheat white sandwich bread or baguettes.