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100% sourdough sandwich loaf

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100% sourdough sandwich loaf


We think that sourdough bread has to be heavy and acid, and that it is absolutely impossible to make a fluffy, light and mild flavour loaf just with sourdough. So it would be impossible to make a Sandwich loaf just using sourdough.

I obtained this formula checking the TXFarmer blog in Thefreshloaf.

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Yeah, my sandwich bread is always 100% sourdough, because that is the only kind of dough I make. My wife doesn't like sour bread, so my sourdough is not very sour at all, but still full of wonderful flavor. With a few extra days in the fridge, it's awesome for pizza crust, too! Yours looks better than mine, though. Nice, even browning on the crust, and an airy crumb.

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Ying will be pleased your take on her recipe came out so well.

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Looks great!  Nice job.

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Thank you! It's a great recipe. I'm pleased to TXFarmer for the formula. Almost 0% sourness in a 100% sourdough loaf. I can't believe it!