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New Look and lost posts????

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New Look and lost posts????

To Floyd specifically but anyone who can give a shout out and maybe an answer.

I was off the forum for quite some time, We had a blessed event in April as my daughter gave birth to twin girls, and while I was busy being chauffeur and helping with babies and moving house (they bought a house a few weeks after the babies were born) obviously the site was rejuvenated, but the notices of new posts continued to be sent to me until the beginning of April, I think somewhere around the 15th, so I have had no new notifications since, including no notice of the move to the new site etc.

Can someone help me with this, I do like to keep up with the forum, and have missed a lot I know, but hope to be more regular now that the situation has settled a bit!

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All I've been able to find is that you will get updates if you make a comment.


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Welcome back and congratulations!

The best thread about notifications is here:

The new feedburner digest is a lot nicer than what I used to send, plus it doesn't kill the server every time it tries to send out updates to everyone.  Let's hope it sticks around for a while!