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My first Sourdough

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My first Sourdough

My first attempt at Sourdough. I used my barm 'Susie' and I'm very pleased with the results for a first attempt. it was a basic 3 build loaf but I wanted to start simple and not try to run before I can walk. I like how the slash has opened on the cob. My technique is definitely getting better. Can't wait to try it. Just waiting for it to cool. another bonus of sourdough is with the long fermentation and proving times I was able to get a batch bake of 26 soft rolls done (i'll post a pic) as well. So all I all a good bake weekend. 3 sourdough loaves. 2 batches of rolls & a soft white Batard. 

Happy Baking,


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Nicely done! Congratulations! 

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it has to be as happy as you.  Welcome to SD baking.

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Looks great!  How fun total Susie out and let her explore!  The bread looks nice.  Share some crumb shots when you get a chance!

Warm Regards,


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That is superb sourdough loaf for a first try, Kris!


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Thank you everyone. I really appreciate your kind comments and it is definitely a boost to my sourdough confidence. I can't wait until my next bake. I don't know how to post additional pictures but as soon as I can I will post one of the crumb. It taste delicious too. 

Happy Baking