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New short bakery film

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New short bakery film

Hi Everyone

I'd thought I'd  pos this, it's a short film made about our bakery in Liverpool. It's done by a local company producing stories about small independent businesses. I hope you like it and let me know what you think.

The Baker



blueboy2419's picture

Sam, I like it.

Nice and relaxed but your passion for the bread comes through. One quick result, I'll be down to Bridgewater Street tomorrow to pick up a loaf or two.

Good luck

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Thanks Blue Boy, see you soon.

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Sam, called in earlier and picked up two loaves (Olive & Walnut). The quality and taste is exceptional and I am only sorry I didn't realise the bakery was there sooner.

Ate most of the olive bread before I got home, good job you're not around the corner or I'd never bake my own.


Wild-Yeast's picture

Hi Sam,

Nicely done short on your bakery - individual authenticity behind the primal loaf of bread. Your loaves look delicious.  

The film covered mostly the bakery part but you mentioned food also - wondering what's on the carte?...,  Ploughman's Toasted Cheese with pickled onions and sliced apple or pear with a locally brewed dark brown ale?...,


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Thanks Wild Yeast, really glad you liked the look of the bread, it's taken a lot of work to get it to where I want it to be. 

We do other baked good, like sausage rolls and also plenty of sandwiches, with locally sourced produce. We make everything form fresh as best we can. We're starting to use some local beer from a micro brewery near us, we are even having a Halloween beer festival with specially made pumpkin beer. 


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And beautiful breads.  Patsy

Skibum's picture

Sooo important to follow your passion!  Well done!

To quote Warren Beatty, "You've achieved success in your field when you don't know whether what you're doing is work or play." 

Regards, Brian

dsadowsk's picture

The film made it look like you just jumped into opening a bakery, just like that, but it looks like a lot of hard work and planning (and baking prowess) went into this.

yozzause's picture

Very good Sam

both the bread and the film well done, will call in next time i'm over from Aus.

kind regards Derek

tchism's picture

Very nice Sam! Makes me wish I could make a trip from N. California to try the bread and cheer you on.


mimi7107's picture

What a lovely video!  Your love for baking bread comes through so beautifully and I think I got some of the aroma through the computer!!

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they will come!  Your bread looks as passionate as you are.  Glad you do some sandwiches and other baked goods too.  Well done.

cp3o's picture

Terrific little video!  I especially liked it when you said that other bakers ' breads are not necessarily better or worse, just different.  So true and so humble.  You are a class act.