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This time it"s Bermaline bread

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This time it"s Bermaline bread

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 the name is not do good on this one.q
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BBermaline photo tberm.jpg    qahtan

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Bermaline is not the easiest to bake, it.s flat on top and bottom..


 any one here ever made it..........

The only place I could ever buy it was in Selfridges, London, UK. and this was many years ago....qahtan

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This is an industrial sized recipe but can probably be scaled. I'm not sure if Bermaline malt extract is unique or similar to what is available these days.The recipe is from 1939.

Why does the loaf come out so flat? The flatness  is reminding me of the gluten free loaves I have been working with lately but the crumb texture (I found pics on the web) almost looks like a sandwich loaf. Interesting looking bread.

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Thanks, I was hoping for a more uptodate version. or a recipe that some one has made.

. It has to be made flat so that the name Bermaline comes out side side up.

Every time my mum went to London she would bring me back a loaf.. yum.  qahtan

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Hi Qatan. I've been trying to make this bread too - another expat Brit.

The closest I've got is using an imported English granary mix I got from Paneformaggio in Vancouver, BC. This is a very nice mix of coarse malted grains and malted flour and from the instructions I got was supposed to be used as ~25% of the flour mix. The flavour has been very good, but I've found the dough getting very sticky as I knead it, as if there is some kind of enzymatic degradation of the gluten.

This might be because I'm baking sourdough, with a fairly long autolyse and retard. I have tried some manoevres to inactivate the enzyme by dry heating the malt mix or by using hot water on it. Neither has helped and the porridge from the hot water was too big a percentage of the whole & didn't help the texture.

I am planning to try a straight dough recipe such as Paneformaggio probably use but haven't got round to it yet.

Great to see you back. Your baking is awe-inspiring.  Patsy


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OK, where are you from??????

I did\t try Bemalene with sourdough because

1/   I don't think here was sourdough back in the early days of Bermalene.

2/  I never have any luck with sourdough

 Do you have Bermalene pans. do yo have a job as to how much dough into pan. 

  thank you for the compliment.................................qahtan