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Time to finalize holiday recipes?

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Time to finalize holiday recipes?

I usually get to November and THEN realize I wanted to perfect this or that recipe so I could make it confidently for the Christmas holidays. MWilson's beautiful pannetone post reminded me of this.

So is it time to work on that biscotti? Butter cookie? Pannetone? Brioche? Stollen? or whatever? I also am reminded to order special supplies ( such as pannetone papers) and bake in boxes.

So what do you need to work on?

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Vicious Babushka

I like to bake in advance (two weeks) and double wrap and keep in the freezer. Just make sure that you have all the special ingredients and baking supplies! I only use saffron once a year and just thought I had it (because, years!) and I used it all up last year. :(

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with mince meat rugelach.  Will make the origami panettone moulds out of paper this year instead of parchment so they panettone don't slide out on the floor this time:-) Wife makes the pie and daughter makes the cookies.

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I'm a very last minute lady and tend only to look at cookbooks in December.  There are always things I'd like to make that never get made, so rather than race around trying to do everything, I set myself to bake for 3 or 4 friends/relatives, and do it, using tried and true recipes, the week before Christmas.