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Weekly Baking Challenge - For 13th August

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Laura T.

Weekly Baking Challenge - For 13th August

Hi all. This week's challenge theme is:

Lands Unexplored

I thought it might be fun for us to try making breads from countries/places we perhaps hadn't thought to try before. It could be something obvious you just never got round to or something more obscure.

This challenge will run until Tuesday. No prizes, just good fun!

Happy baking :)

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Here's hoping more of us get a chance to take up the challenge this week.

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I wert back to St Louis.  We don't have much of a reason to go there any more with the passing of my MIL, my wfes uncle ans her sister who called St Louis home.  Pratzel's was their bakery and Prazel's made Tzitzel.  I have been working up to baking a replica based somewhat on Varda's non SD version.  She was so lucky to speak with the original owners about the formula for this bread,  Sadly when  they retired there was no one in the family who wanted to take it over and it closed only to reopen and I think close again?  Tzitzel is one of the Jewish Deli Rye breads that is more than noteworthy but not found much anywhere anymore.

When ever in town, my MIL wwould send me off to Prazel's for a tzitzel, challah, bagels and some smoked salmon.  Everyone she knew was sending someone to do the same thing,  So this week I made a SD version of Pratzel's Tzitzel  even though it was not something they made but hey... any bread is better as a SD right?  Well, maybe not here is a picture and link to a place I miss.every now and again like today.