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Pictures Needed

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Pictures Needed

In an effort to update my curriculum for my students I am in need of some pictures of bread.


What I am looking for are traditional/artisinal bread pictures that show a standard look for bread.

 If I want to look at a Miche, baguette, pain de mei, etc  it will show the traditional shape and score marks. I have searched many "French" bread sites with no luck. I remember seeing one that came through the RSS Feed once but can not find it again.

 Can anyone be of help.




Carlton Brooks CEPC, CCE 

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Mini Oven

Taking a little time to look over this site results in viewing lots of wonderful pictures. Excuse me for appearing rude but I have to wonder what you are willing to do in exchange for the effort, time and talent, these wonderful people have put into their pictures?   --Mini Oven

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No you are not being rude. 

I have posted info on this site. Pictures of breads and starter pictures.

 I am a Pastry Chef by profession and a Culinary Educator. I grew up in an Artisan bakery. My grandfather was a Polish Kosher baker in NYC and knew only the old style methods of bread baking. What we would call artisan breads today.

 I produce about 150 to 200 lbs of bread dough per school day mixing some doughs by hand, others with a planetary mixer (Hobart) and others with a spiral mixer. Almost all my doughs are based on bigas, poolish, or preferment and sours. I have 5 to 6 starters constantly going during the school year. (I never know what my production needs are until the week before)

 I found this site when it first started and I view it as I have time. There has been many interesting discussions and I have obtained lots of help.


Carlton Brooks CEPC, CCE Mesa, Arizona

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"My grandfather was a Polish Kosher baker in NYC and knew only the old style methods of bread baking."


I take it you are familiar with "Bialys" , from your Grandfather? 


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... appear on Floyd's lesson pages, like this:

Is that the kind of thing you are looking for? Floyd's a pretty nice guy; I bet he'd be happy to let you use his pix in your classes.

Ditto most of the folks who have posted in the "photos" forum (or is it "pictures'?) 

 Or do you need more strictly staged studio shots?


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