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Pittsburgh-area Baker Meetup?

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Pittsburgh-area Baker Meetup?

I was curious what I'd find if I typed "Pittsburgh" in the search box here on TFL, and I was delighted to discover a ton of posts from people in the area! Interested in getting together sometime? Maybe we can all take a field trip to the Braddock community bread oven and swap bread secrets/stories?

A little about me: I'm an amateur home baker and have been exploring the world of sourdough with my 2+ year old starter, "Bilbo". In order to support my baking habit, I've run a couple CSA-style bread sales where people would get 8 weeks of bread for a set, upfront cost, and they've been great. However, baking several dozen loaves of bread every week in a home oven is a bit much, so I've been really interested in figuring out a better way to bake larger quantities without sacrificing too much of the convenience of doing it at home.

Anyway, if you're in the Pittsburgh area, I'd love to get together and talk bread!