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Crackers made from No-Knead dough

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Crackers made from No-Knead dough

I have been using the No-Knead dough for making crackers for the last six months or so.

I usually make a small batch.  I used white bread, brown bread, rye bread, and a garlic bread.

 When I am going to make the crackers, I cut the dough into little balls.

Then, with the use of a little extra flour on the counter, I run the dough balls thru a pasta machine to make long strips.

I put these on parchment paper, then brush on olive oil and sprinkle on seasonings.  I have used a garlic/onion powder combo, b-b-q seasoning, taco seasoning, Montreal spice seasoning (tends to be salty and spicy), and popcorn seasonings.

I pop the strips into a 400 F oven for about 10 mintues and they are done.   Great for snacking on.

I was wondering if anyone had other ideas for seasonings?   I had considered using curry but shyied away from that.

If you do, send me a email to

Thank you.

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Herbes de provence is nice on crackers. 

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you can use grated cheese 9pecorino and parmesan) along with fresh herbs (basil and oregano) and just roll them into the dough. 

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I live in Manitoba, Canada, so having fresh herbs is not to common, or very costly.   I have used herbs ( rosemary and an Italian seasoning blend) but I have put then in the dough when making it so the flavor is infused.  This was when I had made loafs of bread.   Not to sure, but I didn't try it when making crackers but will give it a try.

I have also made rosemary and parmesan cheese bread, and that too I will have to try as a cracker.

Thank you.

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Caraway seeds.  Nigella seeds.  Anise seeds, maybe?  Depends on what floats your boat.

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Mini Oven

grated nut flour or chopped nuts?  Black pepper,  steak spice mix,  crushed  hemp? 

flower pedals: marigold  petunia rose arugula nasturtium carnation lemon orange   or a colorful mixture of many?