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Hi, i am Lianne, 25 y/o and i live in the Netherlands. After a short break in Ireland this year i started baking bread, i fell in love with sodabread over there. That and a possible sesame-allergy... well, i found myself a new challenge: bake bread!

So, some of my attempts:

Flax seed wheat bread

Second attempt with poolish, a bit to pale on the outside...

And one of my sodabreads:


I hope i will find a lot of inspiring ideas over here to make more and more bread :)


Regards, Lianne






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Wayne, what do you mean bij "That's why it looks like that"?

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Song Of The Baker

Love the look of the flax wheat bread.  Very nice loaf.  The others are nice as well but I am partial to seeds and wheat :)

Happy baking.


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That whole wheat soda bread is fantastic. Even Ballymaloe would be jealous - it has to taste great.  Love the fax seed bread too -just gorgeous/  I coarsely grind flax seeds for bread so i can digest them and get their essential oils rather than letting them pass right on through without a hi and good bye :-)

Happy balking and welcome to TFL