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Pumpkin buns ( Chinese steamed buns---baozi)

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Fin fin

Pumpkin buns ( Chinese steamed buns---baozi)

For those days between baking, I always make my kids to have some food from my side (we are a mixed family^^~).  For these steamed pork/vegetable buns, are very healthy and delight!!  They can be the between after school or when the lazy days come over me, I just simply steam them in the bamboo steamer to bring back to puff in a short time!!  So, I always make a few dozens of buns and save in the freezer:)))))))

it uses to be plain, the white color; today I made them with pumpkin purée, so it's "sunny-yellow"!!! 

P.S: I am very new here... Still need some time to get used to all these functions... Sorry be very slow..\\^^"


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Very nice!

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and consider it a must have in the freezer.  Do you have any surprises inside?  Duck skin and plum sauce would be nice:-)  Sadly ours don't look as nice as yours :-)  It is great that they freeze so well - pot stickers and shu mei do too.  These are 3 of our favorite things! Thanks for sharing.


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yum.. pumpkin boazi :)

i love char siew in my boa!


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Fin fin

Char siew bao is awesome, too!!  and, it goes with a bit sweet dough... my hubby loves that bao when we visit dim sum place^^