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Plastic Bannetons?

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Plastic Bannetons?

San Francisco Baking Institute ( is offering a well-priced plastic "banneton". The description includes some cautions about high-hydration dough sticking.

Has anyone had direct experience with these containers? What are your thoughts?


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I've never used those exact ones, but I have a plastic one with the same kind of construction. I use it with removable a cotton liner , and it works very well. Properly floured high-hydration doughs may stick a little bit to the liner, but not to the basket. If this happens, you can peel the liner off the dough carefully. 

Personally, I highly recommend them because they're easier to clean. The only downside is that you won't get as lovely of a banneton pattern on your bread. 

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I think they are good, but for me I already have too much plastic in my life. Now, if I was starting a bakery and was low on capital, sad to say I would buy them.



Edit: After checking the prices, there are about the same so I recant and say would not buy them based on price.


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They are fine, Whole Foods uses them in their bakery dept.  Personally, for home use, I prefer natural wood, but this is not a principal issue.