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Rye Bread

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Rye Bread

Hello, my friend has asked me to make him a Rye Bread. It's his favorite, and he knows I can bake bread fairly well so he asked me for one. But I honestly have no idea how to make Rye bread.

Is there a simple recipe on this site I could use to make my first loaf of Rye? Or somewhere else that has a good one?


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bread does your friend want?  There is quite a differennce in Jewish Deli Rye of which 'Eric's Favorite Rye' is a good one to seach for on this site or, an 80% - 100 % rye bread and then Mini Oven has several good ones,

OR this one that Khalid psted recently

Erics Jewish Deli Rye

Varda’s beautiful Tzitzel post

Here is Mini's Favorite Rye

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Smitten Kitchen has a really simple, really good New York Deli Rye bread if you are looking for that kind of rye. I'm scared of "real" rye but this one is easy, A.