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I'm delighted to find this site. I've been baking all my life, sometimes with great success sometimes not. I am wondering is thre a place appropriate on this forum to ask questions about a recipe I am struggling with. Its a whole wheat/unbleaced bread flour combo with seeds and dates and I just can't get it to rise much. 

Is there a what's wrong with my recipe/problem solving section on the form?



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And welcome to TFL!  

I think that your question would be entirely appropriate under the Whole Grains forum, since you are working with a whole-grain kind of bread, but you are welcome to assign it to a different forum if you feel it would be a better fit.  

Ask away!


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There are no bad questions but, I have to admit,  there are bad answers.... but your question will not be answered with them.

Happy Baking

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Thank you! I posted my problematic recipe in the whole grains forum.


I appreciate the welcom and the directions.